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Most of the content on Fair Winds and Following Seas is FREE, however, some content does require a subscription to access.

Why isn’t everything free? Well, research and writing is time-consuming. Many sources cost money to acquire, either physically or digitally. Furthermore, hosting this website and the domain name costs money, too.

Interested in supporting the blog? Want access to premium content? See below for options.

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Subscription Plans

Subscription plans give access to different levels of premium content.

*Note that some of the premium content is under the Basic Access Subscription and others are under the Exclusive Access Subscription. Examples of content under the Exclusive Access Subscription are War Game posts due to the higher amount of time and research required in creating them.

$20/Month Exclusive Access Subscription
This $20/month subscription allows access to all Premium Content.

$10/Month Basic Access Subscription
This $10/month subscription allows access to the Basic Premium Content.

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Still Aren’t Sure?

Even if you don’t want to buy a subscription or make a contribution, you can also donate via PayPal on the home page. And even if you decide to give no funding at all, at least consider continuing to follow the blog. I greatly appreciate the readership and support of all of my followers and subscribers! You all keep me motivated to move forward with this blog and the learning that goes along with it. Enjoy!