Fair Winds & Following Seas

Fair Winds & Following Seas

Moving With the Tides of History

Sailor Speak of the Week – Jackass

Definition Noun Origin (First definition) Probably earlier than the 19th century. Reportedly used in the U.S. Navy as the nickname for a small feed bag. Comments Regarding the first definition, a canvas bag (resembling a feed bag for an animal) would be stuffed with oakum and used to plug a hawse pipe or hawse hole…

Book Review: Tower of Skulls by Richard Frank

Topic & Content Published in 2020, this is the first volume (covering the period from July 1937 to May 1942) in what is to be a trilogy of the Asia-Pacific War. The book is organized as follows: (Since Frank uses quotations as chapter titles, I’ve added descriptions in parenthesis.) The first half of the book…

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