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Salt Water Coffee Podcast

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What is the Salt Water Coffee Podcast?

The Salt Water Coffee podcast is another way to enjoy selected Fair Winds and Following Seas blog posts! Additionally, the podcast features more informal material that is not strictly related to the topics of this blog. These could be things like movies, video games, random trivia, and life experiences. Some episodes also feature guests!

Where to Listen

The podcast is available on the following platforms. Click on any of the links below to start listening!

Spotify for Podcasters


Google Podcasts

Pocket Casts


A Few Notes…

  1. The written Fair Winds and Following Seas blog retains precedence over the podcast.
  2. Only certain blog posts will receive a podcast episode. This is due to the fact that some blog posts are simply better suited for a reading format owing to the topic, use of illustrations, photos, etc.
  3. Specific blog posts that do receive a podcast episode will always remain available in their original format (i.e. as a written blog post) for you to enjoy. Blog posts with podcast episodes will have a link at the top of the posts to the podcast episode.

In summation, the Salt Water Coffee podcast will feature certain posts I’ve written for this blog, as well as more informal and unrelated material.

Podcasting Equipment

Here’s a list of the equipment I use for podcasting:

  • (Audio Interfaces) RODECaster Pro II (Primary Recorder), ZOOM Podtrak P4 (Secondary/backup Recorder)
  • (Microphones) RODE Podmic & ZOOM ZDM-1
  • (Boom arm & stands) VIVO Pneumatic Arm Microphone Desk Mount & InnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand
  • (Digital Audio Workstation) Audacity
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