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Well, it’s been another year for the Fair Winds and Following Seas blog and we’re headed into year #3. As always, I appreciate the support and readership that I’ve accumulated thus far. It’s been a crazy year for sure. The pandemic has certainly been one of the biggest events, but in the end, I want to use this opportunity to step back and reassess what this blog is really about.

I believe that it’s important to occasionally go back to the roots of what really drives this blog. In the end, I want to remain committed to keeping this true to my intentions and remember that the focus here is on naval/maritime history topics. Of course, the other tangential topics of this blog are my observations on social studies education and war gaming, as it relates to us gaining an understanding of naval/military history.

I have plenty of topics on the table waiting to be covered for both the blog and the war gaming FWFS Youtube channel. In fact, I have an entire spreadsheet with lists of both blog articles to research and write, as well as ideas for war gaming with CMO. These lists are constantly growing, but the research takes time and slows the process down considerably.

As previously mentioned, I’ve also purchased a domain name, so the URL is now and I’ve monetized the site with ads and subscription plans. Again, my basic plan is to keep most of the content free on this blog, but posts that are more heavily researched or took a significant amount of time to write will be put under a subscription plan.

Other Projects

I’ve also dusted off the old camera lenses and got back into my amateur photography hobby. To that end, I’ve created a photography/art blog called Whimsical Worlds which is actually a joint project between me and co-creator, Roxana Shakiba. The idea is that I can showcase some of my photography work and she can showcase some of her artwork on the blog. At this point, I’m going to wait to built up a following before monetizing or selling any photography/artwork on the blog. At the very least, I anticipate it’ll be far less wordy and much more visual. Check it out and follow it if you’re interested.

In short, here are the links to the various other projects I have going on:

FWFS Youtube Channel

Whimsical Worlds Art & Photography Blog

So, that’s the gist of what’s been happening lately. As always, thank you for following and supporting these efforts. I enjoy the research, the writing, and the photography. I hope you do, too.